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Dairy Grooving and Texturing 

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Concrete Roughening Service

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    Don' t Wait For Another Cow To Fall Down!



       Texturing               Grooving

When concrete surfaces on your dairy farm become slick you will be confronted with falling cows and the loss of valuable animals. The service we provide is an effective way to avoid unnecessary loss of cattle and money. Effective and economical equals savings for you.


With grooves approximately 2” wide with 4” between each groove, we provide traction for your cattle that keeps them sure footed any direction of travel whether in wash pens, lock ups, or alleys. We recommend 5/16-3/8” for easy cleanup and years of traction for your cattle.  


On flush lanes that are slick on the surface between the poured grooves, we take 1/16-1/8” to get just below the surface to leave a textured finish. Works best on alleys that are always flushed. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 800-869-2755

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